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Contact Information


Summary of Activities

Development of heterogeneous catalysts for olefin polymerization/oligomerization,
Development of high-performance catalysts for dehydrogenation of light alkanes,
Process development for utilization of unconventional petroleum resources
(Cooperative research work with Kazakh National University)


BEng., Tokyo University of Science, 1984
MEng., Tokyo Institute of Technology, 1986
DEng., Tokyo Institute of Technology, 1989

Professional Experiences

Researcher, Yokkaichi Research Center, Mitsubishi Chemical Corporation, 1989-1997
Research Associate, Department of Applied Chemistry, Saitama University, 1997-2003
Associate Professor, Comprehensive Analysis Center for Science, Saitama University, 2003-2007
Associate Professor, Graduate School of Science and Engineering, Saitama University, 2007-


Physical Chemistry III
Chemical Kinetics
Chemistry of Catalysis
Experiments in Applied Chemistry I & IV
Advanced Industrial Chemistry of Catalysis I (MC)
Advances in Catalysis (DC)

Selected Publications

Z.K. Kairbekov, N. Masuda, M. Ohshima, Z.K. Myltykbaeva, N. Kairbayeva, V.S. Yemilyanova, H. Kurokawa, H. Miura, Preliminary analysis of oil shale obtained from Kalynkara in Kazakhstan, J. Jpn. Petrol. Inst., 57 (2014)192-195.
Self-assembled heterogeneous late transition-metal catalysts for ethylene polymerization; new approach to simple preparation of iron and nickel complexes immobilized in clay mineral interlayer, Catal. Commun., 47 (2014) 13-17.
Copolymerization of ethylene with vinyl monomers using heterogeneous catalysts consisting of a-diimine Ni (II) complexes immobilized into a fluorotetrasilicic mica interlayer in the presence of an alkylaluminum compound, Macromol. React. Eng., 7 (2013) 125-134.